Half Day Diet Plan Reviews

halfday diet plan

Half Day Diet Plan Reviews – Let’s face it. In today’s technology age, many of us lead sedentary lifestyles with little or no exercise. We also have unhealthy eating habits, what with fastfood joints luring us in at every corner. It is not surprising that we place on a whole lot of weight.

Half Day Diet Plan Reviews

Half Day Diet Plan Reviews

Either because of lack of time or laziness, working out at the health club is out of an issue. How do we get rid of all the flab on our bodies then? Is there a natural way to lose weight without formal exercise and having to forego on our favorite dishes?

Yes, there is certainly. It is called the Half Day Diet Plan. Read on to learn how you can tone your body using this type of great method.

The Half Day Diet Plan will be the brainchild of Nate Miyaki, a certified fitness expert and certified specialist in fitness and sports nutrition. According to Nate and his wife, they spent many years trying all sorts of the fitness regimen to get the perfect body. While some offered moderate success, others failed miserably. This was the sole motivation to make The Half Day Diet Plan and spending greater than a decade perfecting the strategy. Now this approach is available to the public to try out and have the body they dreamt of.

Half Day Diet Plan Review

Half Day Diet Plan Review

What is it exactly?

The Program is a simple fat burning plan that recommends dieting for half each day while eating normally for the other half. Essentially, you need to eat the right food on the right time through the day.To be more specific, the program entails eating “low carb” food for a few specific during the day but enabling you to eat your preferred “high carb” food during the night time. This is achieved by eliminating particular foods during the “diet phase” throughout the day. The food items eliminated are typical items that generally fat deposition in your body. The program is offered as an e-book and mp3 file and comprises of 5 parts together with the core from the program taught in 15 chapters.

How can it work?

The Half Day Diet Plan supplies a system to follow along with to achieve weight-loss. It adjusts the food choices that you make by recommending what to eat and what not to eat and providing a workout detail based on your way of life. The diet structure is optimized to cut out processed foods and includes natural foods. The core with this revolves around 3 Pillars – Macro-Optimization, Customization, and Evolution – which are discussed within the next section. The Diet Plan offers real-life case studies and success stories that encourage anyone to stick to the plan.

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The 3 Pillars:

Macro-optimization: Essentially any diet comprises of “macronutrients” namely proteins, fats, and carbs. But what is paramount is the amount or ratio of each macro. The Plan takes into account your way of life and the goals you want to achieve (how much weight you would like to lose over what period of time) as a way to optimize the 3 macros to suit you. When the 3 macros are optimized, it naturally reduces cravings and encourages more fat burn.

Customization: You can find templates contained in the plan for optimizing the 3 macros taking into account your body’s needs as well as your likes and dislikes. By customizing the best template, you can study how to eat the right food at the best time with the right quantity.

Evolution: The final pillar is to condition your body as soon as you lose the preferred weight. The master plan takes into consideration the biological changes in the body post weight-loss and the nutritional needs to keep up with the body inside the same state or to adjust it to new goals.

Half Day Diet Plan

Half Day Diet Plan

Science Behind the Half Day Diet Plan

In 2015 MIT scientists presented a study that explained the neurological factors contributing to hunger cravings. The investigation focuses on the LH-VTA loop in the brain. LH or lateral hypothalamus is the section of the brain that controls hunger and VTA, or ventral tegmental area, is the brain’s reward circuit. The loop is activated for reward-seeking behaviors. In other words, activities including sex or eating food when available tend to increase binge-eating and late-night cravings that happen to be eventually liable for weight gain.

In another study published in the journal Obesity in 2011, 2 groups of everyone was made to eat food in 2 different ways. The food provided to both groups had the equivalent amount of calories, carbs, proteins and fats. One group was given the food in the night while the other group consumed throughout the day. The end result showed that the audience that consumed food within the night burnt more fats.

These studies are the grounds for the Half Day Diet Plan Reviews. Easy availability of food throughout the day actives the LH-VTA loop and so increases cravings later, rather when food is scarce. Hence, the Half Day Diet Plan Reviews strategizes dieting in the daytime (making food scarce).

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Disadvantages of low-carb diet

Managing carbs and fats is important as it regulates a hormone called insulin. Insulin allows your body to use sugar from carbs in your food. More carbs mean more sugar. The majority of diet plans encourage low-carb diet on the assumption that it keeps the sugar level low. However, you can find serious repercussions. Since the body doesn’t get enough sugar, it uses stored fat for energy. This causes nausea, headache, bad breath, dehydration, constipation and makes a person irritable.

Advantages of the Half Day Diet Plan Reviews

Unlike a low-carb diet, the Half Day Diet plan encourages eating the right amount of carbs on the right time. Thus your body does not have to endure all the bad effects of a low-carb diet. The Half Day Diet Plan Review is a more holistic program that gives the combined benefit of different diet programs such as the Paleo Diet plus a sports nutrition diet. The Dietary Plan Plan adapts to your lifestyle and is appropriate for everyone. The lessons are well structured and made for the modern lifestyle. The humor packed program advocates by natural means of eating. There are a lot of scientific references included in the program. It is the perfect alternative to many traditional approaches that have failed to achieve results many times.

Just what does it cost?

The early bird offer is $19 while the regular price is $75. The initial bird offer is limited to merely 2000 customers, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Does it have any other perks?

The Half Day Diet Plan Review comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Additionally you receive 4 bonus books worth $130 as a whole. The books are:

Restaurant & Take Out Survival Guide: This is a 29-page guide concerning how to eat healthy in restaurants.

The Happy Hour Handbook: If you always wanted to know how to drink alcohol without ruining your diet, this guide is perfect for you.

Vegetarian Diet eBook: This is basically the Half Day Diet for vegetarians, vegans etc.

The Vacation Fat Loss Manual: During the holidays, it is extremely difficult to avoid eating fat meals. This bonus book will aid you to nibble on healthy during holidays.

Apart from these great perks, in addition, you get access to The Flat Belly Platinum Club. It provides a $79 worth 30-day unrestricted access to support forums, videos, recipes, diet tips and in addition access to the Half Day Diet Virtual Nutritionist software which may be used on any device anytime.

Does The Half Day Diet Plan Review really work?

As with any diet or workout plan, the Half Day Diet Plan is uncomfortable at the start. However, as you may move forward, you will see the results start shaping up. Of course, the important thing to this is to make few adjustments. You should change several of your beliefs, many that are biased towards traditional eating and working out routines. You also need to be prepared for big dinners as the Diet Program encourages consuming more in the night. But considering the health benefits you are getting with this plan, the adjustments are well called for.

Possibly the only con of this plan is that the program is available only as digital content (as PDF and mp3 files); there is, unfortunately, no hard-cover copy. This, however, is really a boon in many ways as a hard-cover copy would cost a lot more (owing to printing and distribution costs) whilst the digital version is only $19.

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Verdict & Conclusion

The Half Day Diet plan is a simple, effective and natural way to shed those calories and make your whole body slim and trim. You can enjoy your social life without compromising in the fun, yet manage to maintain the carbs under control – the very best of both worlds. “Cheat days” are officially encouraged to go on that big binge.

The concepts of your plan are scientifically backed. At a starting price of $19, the program is a steal, yet the real thing. With the 60-day money back policy, you can be relieved that your money will be refunded if you don’t like the program or didn’t find it effective. The program was designed to adapt to you, not other way round as everybody has different needs and lifestyles. It is actually to follow, without the fluff noticed in other programs.

Written by a renowned fitness specialist with many years of training and teaching, the Half Day Diet Plan is definitely an intriguing concept for a healthier lifestyle that really must be tried out and experienced without a doubt.

Today I’ll be writing The Half Day Diet review which is with regards to a recently launched weight loss program created by Nate Miyaki who is a high fitness author whose work has been published in some of the top magazines of the world including Live Strong, Men’s Health, and Shape etc.The Half Day Diet Review

Since I follow these leading fitness experts, I used to be fascinated by this e-book because I know Nate Miyaki’s work holds plenty of credibility and in case he has published something health-oriented, it is definitely going to be kick-ass.

This weight loss regime is called The Half Day Diet because that is precisely what you are meant to do; diet for half a day. Consequently you can eat all the

carbs that you want for half during the day and the other half, you can expect to spend within a low-carb diet so that you can burn your fat. Usually, every diet revolves around one aspect, some are protein diets, some are detox diets etc. similarly, that one is a low-carb diet or rather, not just a low-carb diet but rather a carbohydrate-oriented diet where you trick your carbs and fat. It is a long and slightly confusing process so I will suggest one to read it on the official website www.halfdaydietplan.com as they have explained it in a better way and that i don’t would like to end up messing with your concepts.

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The Half Day Diet review disclaimer

Before I continue to explain what the e-book entails, it is important to note that this e-book should not be thought to be medical advice which it should be followed along with the guidance of your physician (like you would do before following any weight loss program). I’ve attached a screengrab of your disclaimer that the e-book has put forth because people don’t usually read these and after that blame the article author if anything goes amiss.

What exactly about?

The Half Day Diet is a 204 pages long ebook that helps you lose weight without actually causing you to go on a hunger strike. You can eat all you want for half the morning and in the other half, you are supposed to diet. According to Nate Miyaki:

“Despite all of the theory, science, over-complication, and marketing fluff inside the health and fitness industry, getting results always boils down to acquiring simple, actionable strategies you can consistently apply in real life. Let’s cut through the bullshit and get down to what works.”

To describe it in one sentence, the Half Day Diet claims as a hybrid diet between paleo and sports nutrition diets. It has taken the best of both and combined them to make a quick and fool proof way to make you lean. It notifys you how to go about the diet, what to eat, how much to enjoy (it even provides measurements for food to make life easier for you) all for $37.

The e-book is divided in 5 parts; them all serve different purposes:

Part 1: The very first part gives Nate Miyaki’s personal story and notifys you why you should start this diet.

Part 2: Gives you an understanding of fat loss and also the health enhancement hierarchy; in doing what order in case you prioritize different diet details.

Part 3: this is the most essential section of the entire pdf e-book as it contains the most significant detail, which is the diet itself. This includes the meal choices that you will be supposed to choose, what to stop eating, the workout details etc.

Part 4: Includes food charts and calculations that may help you while pursuing the diet because you have to consume certain quantities of food and this will explain to you the calories, carbs etc. in different foods.

Part 5: Gives the ending note and includes credentials of Nate Miyaki with his fantastic wife, Kalai Diamond.

All of the lessons contain different details and all of them provide in-depth information along with client testimonials as part of the lesson, because we all know people just ignore testimonials

that are on the webpage so these people made it portion of the lessons to help you learn from them.

The break-down of the lessons go something such as this:123213213123

Client Story

Summary of what to do

Why you should get it done

How to make it happen – practical application

Research Corner – for your inner geek (those who like to know why they may be doing whatever they are doing)

Chapter summary

Advantages of the Half Day Diet:

The purpose of The Half Day Diet review is always to weigh some great benefits of new e-books that are launched against the claims that they make, in order to justify whether they are worth buying. Half Day Diet, in my opinion, is fantastic for those who dwell in the physical fitness and health world and they are keen in getting to know about new concepts and researches that come about. Some of the other benefits of this weight loss program are:

Hybrid between paleo and sports nutrition – as this diet is a mix of two different diets, people that follow either paleo or sports can simply follow this diet or those that 123121321want to follow along with paleo diet but are discovering it difficult to have the jump are able to use this diet like a stepping stone.

Supplies a holistic program – This manual provides complete information about the diet such as the food you are supposed to eat, how you are supposed to consume it.

Promotes exercising – This will not request you to take a lot of supplementary weight loss supplements but rather motivates you to exercise which is a healthier alternative.

Different diets for lazy and enthusiastic people – It considers the reality that not everyone who can buy the book will actually be enthusiastic to go by it. Many will be, but others probably will still be really lazy and will need lenient diet guidelines to help them get moving.

The drawbacks of the manual:

Vague specifics of exercising – Even though the e-book promotes exercising, it does not tell you what type of exercises you are supposed to do and does not provide details about the reps or sets of the exercises so you can’t be sure how much to exercise and which exercises to follow along with.

Does not give too many recipes that you can follow – However, it does educate you on how to calculate carbs, fat, calories etc. and provides a chart so you know which foods have what quantity in order to make your own recipes accordingly.

Not paleo-centric as it promises to be – Even though the principles are based on paleo diet (because the author claims), paleo eaters would want more paleo-centric information which the e-book does not provide. Also, since this diet should certainly be followed for half a day, you might be free to eat whatever you want during the rest of the day and that deters from the principles of paleo dieting.

Not very motivational – The e-book does not make too many efforts to motivate you to follow this diet. Yes, the very idea of tricking your system fat and this form of low-carb diet is evidently new; the e-book is not going to do too much to convert men and women to the diet.

May be the manual all you could get for $37?

The Half Day Diet doesn’t allow you to go without freebies. The free bat burning bonuses that you get include:

Restaurant & fast food survival guide – to help you select how and what to order, together with recommendations, once you dine out so that you can still follow the diet even when you are eating out.

The happy hour handbook – This is a guide to help you decide what to do and what to eat before a drinks night so that you don’t stray from your diet.

The holiday fat loss manual – this handbook supplies a 7-day technique for times when you know you might over-indulge, most likely on holidays and ways to cover up in case you have fallen prey to over indulgence.

The verdict of The Half Day Diet review is that this new kind of diet is intriguing, it is ideal for people who can’t find the determination to go on “saintly” diets and let go of exactly what they should as this diet will not really request you to completely purify yourself of yummy, fats.

However, I really believe that paying $37 for a new concept only is not worth it, so I would not recommend this e-book to everyone because not everybody would be able to pull it off and it could end badly. One other reason is that I find the information on this manual to be vague. I guess this could be because I had very high expectations from this manual only since it was created by a renowned fitness author.

I’d highly suggest you to check out my Eat Stop Eat review as it’s one among my favorite eBooks when it comes to the load loss category and even costs a few dollars lower than The Half Day Diet. If I had to choose between the 2, I would definitely pick the Eat Stop Eat eBook. Be sure that you read my review to discover why I recommend this eBook over others. It will help you to draw a comparison involving the two eBooks and choose what one is the best for you.

Though, individuals who are in to fitness and health research and would like to do further research on this legit new concept should buy The Half Day Diet eBook and look in to this new low-carb diet and fat-tricking manual. The best part is the fact that this eBook comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so if you do not think it is useful, you can return it.

Many people want to know concerning the essential factors to lose weight naturally as they are not at all willing to carry the huge bulge they have on themselves. Being obese is not just harmful to your overall health, but it additionally takes your confidence down. This situation is utterly understandable. If you are looking to eat carbs, avoid the hunger pangs and yet continue to keep on track for a long run, then you are exactly at the right place. You will discover a special diet created by Nate Miyaki and that is known as the Half Day Diet Plan. With this review, I am going to check out what the diet comprises of, the actual way it can affect your whole body and just what are its positives and negatives.

About The Author:

Nate Miyaki has completed post-baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology and is a licensed personal trainer, certified specialist in fitness nutrition, and certified specialist in sports nutrition. In short, he understands nutrition and how food interacts together with the body regardless of what the body seems like or exactly how much wear and tear has become done on it. In addition, in the event you listen to him talk or read any of his work you will find that Nate is a compassionate guy who would like to help other individuals find the body and health they crave. He helps anyone who demands the help, including celebrities and individuals like you and me.

Just what is the Half Day Diet Plan?

Firstly, I would like to clear the conception that it NOT at all about eating simply for half each day. The diet is about eliminating particular foods from 50 % of our day that cause fat deposition within your body. The diet works on the scientifically proven system, which is, certain micronutrients will work much better on your body when they are consumed at certain times through the day. And also, the level of such micronutrients you are putting in your body can have a direct impact on weight loss. The Half Day Diet Plan makes you aware of what you should consume and avoid to help.

The Half Day Diet

How Does the Half Day Diet Plan Work?

The creator of Half Day Diet Plan is a popular fitness expert and author named Nate Miyaki that has formatted a process to make sure this diet works for you and anyone of any age and weight. All you need to do is to choose the diet that fits your lifestyle. You will find three different sections in this particular diet plan. This is a brief idea about all of them:

The first thing you are going to learn is how you ought to eat to shed weight. So, within this section you will get to know which foods have to be consumed, as well as what times. You shall learn the right times of the day to intake carbs and fats; and when to enjoy proteins. This all will naturally lessen your cravings, enhance fat burn and form a sustainable diet.

The 2nd section consists of a customizable diet. It is because according to Nate, there is no fixed diet solution for each individual. In this section you shall learn about tweaking the principles about Half Day Diet depending on your requirements, likes and lifestyles.

Over the last section, you may figure out all by yourself about how this diet is going to meet your needs if this is performed for a month. This will help you to get sure about continuing with this diet for long periods of time. Nate has recognized the fact that as you start losing your weight, you will start to change biologically. You must tweak your diet plan accordingly to help make this Half Day Diet Plan work. This is undoubtedly one of the unique aspects of this diet because it stays along with you till you get the desired results and then it helps in maintaining the results for as long time you want.

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The dietary plan guarantees noticeable loss in weight within a few days.

You are able to continue eating carbs yet still lose fat at the same time; so you won’t have to be Bsad or worry while eating French fries.

The tremendous insights and templates within the Half Day Diet Plan help it become easy to manage carbs, fats and proteins.

This is suitable for everyone irrespective of any previous diet experience.

The Half Day Diet Plan will not likely slow down your metabolism.

The diet program plan adapts easily to the lifestyle you are comfortable in sticking to.

No form of excessive exercise is necessary to go along with this diet.


You shall ought to tweak your diets and the changes might become uncomfortable for you initially. However you shall reap the benefits of it once you end up in groove and start practicing the dietary plan.

There is no physical book available and you shall have access to just a downloadable

The Half Day Diet Review


A huge number of people have been using the Half Day Diet Plan from different countries. The reasoning is completely scientifically proven which is really effective, especially for those looking for natural diet plans to attain a certain fitness goal. You can get yourself this invaluable diet guide for as low as $19 as a limited time offer. What is an icing around the cake is definitely the 60-day money back refund that is offered along with the program; which means despite buying and ultizing the diet program, if you’re not happy, then you can certainly get the money refunded. In my book, this is certainly a good deal that shouldn’t be transferred. Try out the Half Day Diet Plan and shed weight naturally.